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Modern flat panel TVs do not, but they were used in old CRT type televisions.

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Q: Do a television includes magnets
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What would you use magnets for at home?

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Does a TV have a magnet?

Televisions with cathode ray tubes have several strong magnets in them. The magnets are used to aim the electrons that excite the phosphorus on the inside of the CRT. Flat screen TVs do not have magnets in them.

Do televisions use magnets?

Not so much with modern TVs; cathode ray tubes used powerful magnets to focus the electron stream. Modern LCD and Plasma TVs don't use magnets. Some televisions do use magnets, It just depends on which one. :D

What uses magnets?

A fridge, an oven , a tv, a speaker, cuboard doors & a radio.

What does magnets do for TV reception?

Magnets do nothing for the siginal but keep them away from the screen, they can do permanent damage.

Do TVs have magnets in it?

Yes, some TVs do contain magnets in the form of speakers, which use electromagnets to produce sound. Additionally, older cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs used magnets to adjust the electron beam for proper image display. However, newer flat-screen TVs like LED or LCD typically do not have magnets.

What is one of the things people use magnets for in every day life?

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How do scientists communicate using magnets?

Telephone, television, radio, and Internet all use magnets to aid the communication.

Do the magnets in a television make the picture?

No, the magnets in a television do not make the picture. The magnets are used to direct the electron beams in cathode ray tube TVs to create the image on the screen. The actual images are formed by the colored phosphors on the screen.

How do scientists use magnets?

Telephone, television, radio, and internet all use magnets to aid the communication.

Do television has magnets?

Some older televisions had cathode-ray tubes that used electromagnets to direct the electron beam, but most modern televisions use LCD or OLED technology which do not utilize magnets. However, some televisions may have small magnets in speakers or for certain functions like attaching a remote control to the TV.

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