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No Tobys parents do not kidnapp alison

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Q: Do Toby's parents kidnap Ali in Pretty Little Liars?
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Where are Jenna and Toby's parents on Pretty Little Liars?

in the bahamasGONE CAUSE there not in pretty little liars

Who are the parents of Aria in Pretty Little Liars?

Ella and Byron Montgomery

Do Alison's parents know they have a second daughter in Pretty Little Liars?


What are Ali's parents names in Pretty Little Liars?

Kenneth and Jessica DiLaurentis

Who is Sean's parents?

which Sean? if its Sean on pretty little liars, i can answer it. but if its Sean Kingston, i cant. Sean on pretty little liar's parents are mr. and mrs Ackard.

What is the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Pretty Little Liars!

Who is Louis on Pretty Little Liars?

there's no Louis in pretty little liars.

Is there a new Pretty Little Liars book?

there is not a new pretty little liars book

How did Ezra die on Pretty Little Liars?

Ezra did not die on Pretty Little Liars.

Who plays trista on Pretty Little Liars?

No one there is no trisa on pretty little liars

Does Spencer from Pretty Little Liars die?

No, Spencer from Pretty Little Liars does not die.

What are the names of pretty little liars?

The books in the Pretty Little Liars series are:Pretty Little LiarsFlawlessPerfectUnbelievableWickedKillerHeartlessWantedTwistedRuthlessStunningBurnedCrushedDeadly