Do Romeo miller a have baby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do Romeo miller a have baby?
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Is Romeo Miller engaged?

No, Romeo Miller is not engaged.

What nicknames does Romeo Miller go by?

Romeo Miller's birth name is Percy Romeo Miller.

Who is cymphoniques brother?

L'il Romeo, Percy Miller, Veno Miller, Hercy Miller

What are master p kids name?

Romeo Miller (rapper Lil' Romeo), Vercy Miller (rapper Young V), Intylyana Miller, Tytyana Miller, Itali Miller, Hercy Miller, Mercy Miller, Veno Miller and Cymphonique Miller.

What is lil Romeos real name?

Percy Romeo Miller, Jr.

What are romeo miller's sisters' names?

Romeo Miller(son of Percy Miller)has a little sister named Cymphonique Miller.

Who is Percy Romeo Miller Jr father?

Percy Romeo Miller's mother is Sonya C. Miller.

When was Romeo Miller born?

Romeo Miller was born on August 19, 1989.

Is Master P the father of Lil' Romeo?

Yes. Master P is Percy Robert Miller. Lil' Romeo (now Romeo Miller) is Percy Romeo Miller, his son (sometimes listed as Percy Miller Jr.) .

How old is Romeo Miller?

Romeo Miller is 27 years old (born Percy Miller Jr., August 19, 1989).

Does Romeo Miller have any sisters?

You want me to be your new girls friends this is yasmin Muhammad i love you baby romeo miller my baby boy i needed you so bad in my heart keep you make love me forever i wish you come my house met my parents or 2 brother and 1 sister.

How do you get in touch with Romeo miller?