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No, they remain in Middle Earth and died in Gondor, where they were later buried beside Aragorn, King Elessar.

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Q: Do Merry and Pippin go to the Undying Lands?
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Was Frodo Baggins given immortality?

Yes, he was allowed to go to the undying lands.

Does samwise go to undying lands?

Yes after rosie cotton died he sailed there and was last seen by his daughter

What happens to Frodo in the last film of Lord of the Rings?

He leaves with the other Ring Bearers to go to the Undying Lands (Valinor)

What did Boromir symbolize in The Fellowship of the Ring?

The strength and weakness of men. He is tempted by the ring, and tries to take it from Frodo. But also has the strength to let frodo go with it. He also sacrifices his life for merry and pippin.

What nicknames does Jeremy Pippin go by?

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What qualities did Sam Pippin and Merry possess that make them suitable companions for Frodo on his journey?

They are loyal to Frodo. They are very obsrevant, for example they knew what Frodo was about to say when he was about to say that he was leaving. Also, even though they are afraid, they are still willing to go with Frodo on his journey, even though they knew that they will never come back. * Sorry for using 'they' instead of 'Sam', 'Pippin', or 'Merry' too much.

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Hobbits don't actually exist, so the only thing we have to go on is what Tolkien said: The oldest recorded age for a hobbit prior to Bilbo Baggins was the Old Took, who lived to be 130 years old. Bilbo celebrated his 131st birthday before leaving for the Grey Havens. (Since Bilbo and Frodo (and eventually Sam) went to the Undying Lands, technically there's no upper limit, though Bilbo lived the longest of any hobbit in Middle-Earth.)

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