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Yes, they kiss.

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Q: Do Jesse and nova kiss in the movie prom?
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Who played Jesse in the movie Prom?

Thomas McDonell played Jesse Richter in the 2011 movie Prom.

What is nova from the movie prom real name?

Nova's real name is Aimee Teegarden.

Who is the girl's name that has blond hair in the movie Prom?

Her name in the movie was Nova Prescott, her name in real life is Aimee Teegarden.

Will Jesse and Rachel get back together?

Jesse got back with Rachel but Finn got her back in Prom.

What happens in glee episode prom queen?

Kurt gets voted prom queen :O and Finn gets into a fight with Jesse Saint James and gets him and Jesse thrown out of prom.

When do Nina and Fabian kiss?

phabian and Nina kiss on the final episode at the prom at the end that is when they kiss

Biggest event in a teenager life?

Driving License, Graduation, First Car, Prom, 16th Birthday, First Kiss

Does Tyler Blackburn play in the movie Prom?

No, Tyler Blackburn does not have a role in the movie 'Prom'.

What the biggest event in a teenager life?

drivers license, graduation, 16th birthday, first kiss, prom (for family feud)

Who plays Lloyd in the movie prom?

Nicholas Braun portrays Lloyd Taylor in the movie, Prom.

How old was Bieber when he had his first kiss?

Justin Bieber was 13 when he had his first kiss it was with a girl at his school at prom;)

Are Nina and fabian going to kiss from house of Anubis?

Yes, in front of everyone at prom because Fabian asked Nina. Then Amber announced that Nina and Fabian are prom king and queen. Then they kiss!