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Q: Do Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan get along?
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What is the birth name of Bev Bevan?

Bev Bevan's birth name is Beverly Bevan.

What is Bev Bevan's birthday?

Bev Bevan was born on November 24, 1944.

When was Bev Bevan born?

Bevan Lee was born in Western Australia, in Australia.

How old is Bev Bevan?

Bev Bevan is 66 years old (birthdate: November 24, 1944).

What is Jeff Lynne's group?

Professionally: 1966: Joined the "Nightriders". Changed name and released album as "The Idle Race". 1970: Joined "The Move". 1971: Three members of the Move create "Electric Light Orchestra" and release an album of the same name. 1973: Roy Wood leaves ELO project to Jeff Lynne as Electric Light Orchestra becomes a group of it's own with Jeff Lynne as frontman. This group lasted until 1986 with Jeff Lynne and drummer Bev Bevan as the only constant members. 1988: Formed "Traveling Wilburys" with George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan. 1990: Jeff Lynne releases Armchair Theater solo album. 2001: Jeff Lynne releases what even Lynne admits is another solo album, depite using the ELO moniker for the album. Jeff feels that this album has more of an ELO sound, deserving the ELO name.

How tall is bev bevan?

6 feet 5 inches

Who are members of ELo band?

Jeff Lynne is the sole survivor He owns the ELO name outright At present the members of ELO Part II (spin off band) are Kelly Groucutt (vocals and bass), Mik Kaminski (violinist), Gordon Townsend (drums), Eric Troyer (vocals and keyboards), Phil Bates (vocals and guitar) and Louis Clark (keyboards and conductor).

Has Bev Bevan of the Move got any children?

He has a son, Adrian, born in 1981

Has the Electric Light Orchestra split up?

Jeff Lynne disbanded the group in 1986. He and founding member (and drummer) Bev Bevan shared equal rights to the name. In 1990, Dev wanted to record and tour under the ELO name again, but Jeff would not join or permit use of the name, but agreed to allow Bev to use the moniker ELO Part II (with provision that the record contain a label that Jeff Lynne was NOT part of the group). Eventually, Bev disbanded ELO Part II and sold his half of the ELO brand back to Jeff. Jeff began recording and performing as the Original Electric Light Orchestra in 2001 with the album 'Zoom'. Richard Tandy was the only original ELO member to contribute to the album, and tour. It's worth noting that ELO cancaeled their world tour in 2001 due to dismal ticket sales, although they did perform a series of limited shows in California, including material for VH1's Storytellers and the Zoom DVD. Jeff has yet to retire the ELO brand as of 2013. He recently released (another) ELO 'Best of' album of old rerecorded ELO tunes with a smaller or non existent string section, and no choir. Jeff played all the instruments on that latest work.

Who were the Original members of the electric light orchestra?

The original ELO lineup consisted of Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar), Roy Wood (vocals, cello, saxophone, Moog synthesizer), Bev Bevan (drums), Rick Price (bass), Bill Hunt (French Horn), Andy Craig (cello), Steve Woolam (violin), and Hugh McDowell (cello). Price, Craig and Woolam left the band before the the studio sessions for the first album were even completed. Wood left shortly thereafter along with McDowell and Hunt who would join him to form Wizzard.

What movie and television projects has Bev Bevan been in?

Bev Bevan has: Played himself in "Star Games" in 1978. Played himself in "Electric Light Orchestra: Discovery" in 1978. Played himself in "Pop Quiz" in 1981. Played himself in "The Black Sabbath Story Vol. 2" in 1992. Played Customer in "Expresso" in 2007. Played Patient in "Waiting in Rhyme" in 2009.

How do you say Bev in Spanish?