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Q: Do James Avery charms fit on Brighton bracelets?
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What types of jewelry does James Avery Charms make?

They make all kinds of jewelry for guys and girls as well as children. Necklaces,earrings, bracelets, and charms and pins, they also have religious stuff.

What are the best charm bracelets?

Extremely. I wear my charm bracelets all day, every day. I have 3 bracelets and a total of... (hold on a sec, gotta count) 45 charms. They're fun to collect and not that expensive. :) Yes, charm bracelets are cool. At the moment charm bracelets are the height of fashion they have come in and out of fashion for decades. The fact they make such a personal statement and there are so many funky charms available makes them very cool.

Where can one purchase James Avery rings?

"There are retired James Avery charms. These can usually be found under vintage titles. Some of them include a D Apple, Shoes, Cross/Treble Note Pendants, Sun Rays, Poinsettia Flower Charms, etc."

Who is the owner of James Avery Jewelry?

James Avery Jewlry is a family-owned buiness owned by James Avery.

Is James Avery died?

The actor James Avery is still alive and kicking.

When was James Avery - musician - born?

James Avery - musician - was born in 1937.

What is James Avery's birthday?

James Avery was born on November 27, 1948.

Where can one purchase James Avery jewelry and charms?

One can have a look at the stores near his local area. On the company's webpage there is a long list of stores all over the country with a high amount of shops in Texas. Furthermore it is possible to shop jewelry and charms online on the same webpage.

When was James Avery - Medal of Honor - born?

James Avery - Medal of Honor - was born in 1825.

When did James Avery - Medal of Honor - die?

James Avery - Medal of Honor - died in 1898.

How much does James Avery weigh?

James Avery weighed 242lbs at the time of his death. James Avery died December 31, 2013 at the age of 68.

How can you if it's James Avery jewelry?

Every piece made by James Avery Craftsman, Inc. is marked with the James Avery logo: a candelabra with the letters "J" and "A" on either side.