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No of course not. Rex and Ahsoka are friends, but I don't think Ahsoka has a crush on anyone

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Ahsoka clearly has a crush on Lux

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Q: Do Captain Rex and Ahsoka Tano pair off?
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Is captain rex in love?

Well, no. Rex has no relationship right now. And better yet I noticed Ahsoka keeps on smiling at rex. Rexsoka forever! Thanks! :) (THATS AHSOKA TANO AND REX)

What happens to captain rex?

That um.... well he didn't kill any Jedi he went to the Jedi temple with Ahsoka tano and for other troopers and after a while Rex married ahsoka tano but no one knew, after the death of ahsoka tano Rex went to the sith and tryed to wipe them out because of his wife's death but then he died and he tryed to wipe them out the day after his wife's death so that's what kinda happened.

How do you get captain Rex on Lego star wars 3 beta?

yes you can. From the Starting Ship you go 2 stages to the left, then use Ahsoka Tano to unlock Rex

How did capitan rex die?

Rex's fate, as with Ahsoka Tano's, hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

What happens to rex in star wars the clone wars series?

Rex's fate is a mystery to be revealed. As is Ahsoka Tano.

Dose ashoka tano in Star Wars clone wars like captian rex as a friend?

Yes, Ahsoka and Rex are friends

Does Captin Rex save Ahsoka Tano from order 66?

First of all, Ahsoka and Rex's fate are mysteries to be revealed. And if Ahsoka was around during Order 66 and Rex found her, she would be a traitor to him and every clone officer literally open-fired on their Jedi generals.

Who disobeyed order 66?

Captain Rex obeyed order 66 then his chip that forced him to kill the jedi was removed by Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 2nd to last episode.

Does captain rex love asoka?

Rex and Ahsoka are friends, but they do not love each other

Where is the station to get asoka tano on Lego Star Wars 3com?

The station to get Ahsoka Tano is on the Star Destroyer. To get her, you will need Anakin Skywalker and any clone (clone trooper, Fox, Rex, Cody, or Senate Commando).

Was captain rex in any Star Wars movies?

Capt. "Rex" (CC-7567) had many appearances in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, but he only appeared in one movie: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film).

Does captain rex love ashoka?

We don't know at the time, sometimes it seem so, and others it doesn't. We'll have to see where Lucas takes it! But, rex and ahsoka have a very strong relationship because rex is the first clone ahsoka met! :)