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I don't know about American boarding schools, but I can tell you that the Middle School I went to had Houses, separated on terms of academic performance. For instance, it was widely believed that to be in Nova meant you were as dim as could be and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, students in Andromeda House were considered the creme de la creme. Houses took classes together, and in some cases were even exposed to entirely different teachers than the rest of the school. Again, for instance, Nova, Eagles, and Dolphins students had entirely different teachers than Andromeda students. Additionally, Andromeda students were the only students who did NOT share teachers with any other House, making them the Honors House. Therefore, yes, I daresay American boarding schools might have Houses, because exclusivity is a cornerstone to the boarding school system, and the separation of students by Houses would only serve to further solidify that regime.

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No, Hogwarts is a fictional school.

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Q: Do American boarding schools have 'Houses' like in the Harry Potter books?
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