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It is based on events that happened with Kurt DeVarona (ex pro golfer and Golf instructor), brother of Gold medalist swimmer Donna DeVarona and brother of JoAnna Kerns of ''Growing Pains". Kurt was seeing this married woman that used to pull up in her convertable Jaguar to our golf range where I worked with Kurt in Los Gatos, Ca. He did give her lessons yes, and more. Long story short, I ran into Kurt on a putting green at DeLaveaga in Santa Cruz in 2009. It had been 23 years since I had seen him last, so of course we were catching up and one of the stories he told me was this one. The woman he was seeing was married to some Doctor Who was freinds with Don Johnson, they liked to race cigarette boats together or something to that effect. Anyways when this guy told him about his wifes affair with some golf pro he took it to a producer and the rest is history.

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Q: Did you know Tin Cup is loosely based on a true story?
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