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I heard she got married when she first moved to New York, then got divorced like a year later.

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Q: Did you know Keltie Colleen is divorced?
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What is keltie colleen's middle name?

Colleen is Keltie's middle name. Her full name is Keltie Colleen Busch.

What is Keltie Colleen's full name?

Keltie Colleen Busch

What nicknames does Keltie Colleen go by?

Keltie Colleen goes by Kelts.

Who is Ryan ross' girlfriend?

i think it's keltie colleen still.

When was Keltie Colleen born?

Keltie Colleen was born in Sherwood Park, in Alberta, Canada.

Is Keltie Colleen in PCD?


How tall is Keltie Colleen?

Keltie Knight was born Keltie Colleen in Alberta, Canada in January of 1982. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her nickname is Kelts.

Who is Ryan ross' ex?

Keltie Colleen

Who is Keltie Colleen?

Keltie Colleen is a dancer who resides in Canada. She is well-known not only for being a Radio City Rockette, but also for dating Panic At The Disco's Ryan Ross.

How old is Keltie Colleen?

Her personal MySpace lists her age as 25.

How long have Ryan Ross and Keltie Colleen been dating?

2 years as of August 31st, 2008. Keltie stated this on her myspace!

What would Keltie Colleen say if you asked her if she is pregnant?

she would say "no, I'm not"