Did thomas wife died

Updated: 8/29/2023
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because of old age or sickness

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Q: Did thomas wife died
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Did Thomas Jefferson get a divorce?

No his wife died.

What happened to Thomas Edisons first wife?

She Died

Did Thomas Jennings move when his wife died?

Yes he did

When did thomas Edison get divorced?

He didn't. His first wife died, and he remained married to his second wife until he himself died.

When did Thomas Edison wife Mina Edison died?

she was born in 1886 and died in 1931

When did Thomas Edison first wife died?

August 09, 1884...

Was Thomas Edison ever married?

yes thomas Edison was married he had 3 childdren with his first wife how died in labor and 3 children with his secend wife

How many kids did Thomas Paine have?

thomas paine had 10 children but 6 of them died of a deadly disease. shortly after the trdgety his wife died too

When did Thomas Edison marry?

Thomas Edison got married on time and his wife died then he got married again

How did Thomas Stone die?

He died from the grief laid upon him from the death of his wife.

Did Thomas Edison have a wife?

Yes. Mary Edison. Edison's first wife died. He got remarried to Mina Edison

How old was Thomas Jefferson's wife Martha when she died?

Martha Jefferson was 33 years old when she died