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Esther killed the dad, but she didn't succeed in killing the boy.

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Q: Did the boy and the dad in the movie orphan live?
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How does the dad die in orphan?

The orphan girl stabs him with a knife a couple times. :)

Did The Little boy in orphan die?

No but the boy almost dies. The people who die in he movie is the nun the dad almost the boy and at the end the orphan dies. Orphan: She dies because the mom falcon kicked her head and her neck broke then she drounded in the frozen pond. The dad:The dad dies because he didnt like the orphan like she liked him and0 then she stabs him I think 4 times. The nun: The nun dies little girl killed her with a hammer on the head reason:she tries to warn the parents about Esther(the orphan),so the nun left after her appointment with the parents and went inside her car and drove off.(Esther trick the daughter into helping her kill the nun) the scene when the daughter gets pushed into the road..."like i said before"...was to stop the nun. the nun gets out of her car and esther kills her. Hope that helped!.

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Why did Esther break her arm in the movie orphan?

So that she could tell the dad that Kate did it Evil kid right?

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