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Q: Did the blues brothers play instruments on stage?
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Who are the people that play the blues?

Blues Brothers

Did Bessie smith play instruments?

she didn't play an instruments she only sang such as the down hearted blues

What kind of instruments did b.b.king play?

King was a famous blues guitarist.

What instunments do the Jonas brothers play?

None. They "mime" the instruments.

Do the Jonas Brother really play their own instruments on stage?


What instruments does Rosalina in the Naked Brothers Band play?

bass guitar

Where did The Blues Brothers first play after reuniting when Jake got out of prison?

Bob's Bunker

What are the instruments used in Blues music?

Blues is a style of music and how it is played. Classic blues instruments inclued the guitar and harmonica. Other instruments included in blues are, drums, bass guitar, piano, trombone, trumpet and saxophone. The most important instrument used in blues music (and many others) is the human voice. For a lot of people, vocals are what makes music so great to listen to. Everything else is accompaniment.

Did Dan Aykroyd really play the harmonica in the Blue's Brothers movie?

Yes I do believe so . They had a band called "Blues Brothers" and one the places they played was House of Blues in LA

Can any instrument play blues music?

Yes, because the blues is in the performer, not the instrument. That said, there are many instruments, like the steam calliope for example, that may have trouble expressing the emotional range of the blues.

What are the instruments that blues players play?

Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Double bass, Drums, Saxophone, Vocals, Trumpet, Trombone

What is the main instruments in the 12 bar blues?

Many instruments are used. They include the saxophone (famous for use in Blues music), the Piano and the Guitar. The Piano is usually the melody (or the head) however the Guitar can also play the melody. The Trumpet and trombone are used often as well.