Did the author of kaze no stigma die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes , Takahiro Yamato passed away on July 20, 2009 .

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Q: Did the author of kaze no stigma die?
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How did kaze no stigma die?

The author of the series died on July 20,2009.

What is kaze no stigma ignition?

Kaze no stigma ignition is basically the new season for kaze no stigma, unfortunately, it wont happen because the author died before he could complete the novel...this is what i've read so far though, there are 6 volumes for kaze no stigma ignition. But after that, theres nothing left.

How many episodes of kaze no stigma are there?

The anime series 'Kaze no Stigma' has 24 episodes .

When is Kaze no Stigma episode 13 dubbed coming out?

http:/ has Kaze No Stigma episode 13 English Dubbed and more.

Will they make a 3rd season of Kaze No Stigma?

Well first the author of Kaze no Stigma died of an illness and wasn't able to finish the series. And because Japan is recovering from a tsunami there not going to be writing while that is happening but when they do get over it they will probably find new writers for : Fruits Basket, Kaze No Stigma, and Soul Eater. And hopefully those writers will get the concept of the stories and the do NOT screw them up.

Kaze no stigma season 2?

I HOPE SO! :) BUT I GUESS THERE ISNT... due to the death of the author by a illness... they might find a new writer and drawer! : I i wish he didnt die.... so now we cant do nothin but wait for the news.. :(

What was the last volume of manga that the author of kaze no stigma was able to finish before he died?

The last volume of manga that the author of "Kaze no Stigma," Takahiro Yamato, was able to finish before he passed away was Volume 7. The series was left incomplete due to his untimely death.

Is anyone going to take over Kaze No Stigma?

no sadly i love that anime but they arent im so sad though........<3 kaze no stigma 4life

How many episodes does Kaze no stigma have?

24 sadly

Is there a second series to kaze no stigma?

It's really sad to hear that the writer had died last July 2009 and i really love kaze no stigma so much for it has such a unique story. I hope they find a solution so that the kaze no stigma fans such as I, can satisfy the curiosity of how the anime will end.

How many episodes are in kaze no stigma?

There are currently 24 episodes.

Who does Ayno's English dubbed voice in kaze no stigma?

Cherami Leigh