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Q: Did the Roseann TV show show sonny ever?
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What is the name of Sonny's tv show on Sonny With a Chance?

So Random!

The TV show Sonny and Cher had in the '70s was called The Sonny and Cher?

Comedy Hour

What is the hottest tv show?

sonny with a chans

Can you use the name Sonny in your tv show?

Why not?

What is Joe Jonas's favorite television show?

Sonny With a Chance a Disney chanel show.

What is Demi Lovato's TV show called?

i Lovato's TV show is called Sonny With a chance "a comedy show about a comedy show" =p

When did the TV show Sonny With a Chance originally air?

The TV Show Sonny With A Chance originally aired in the United States, starting on February 8, 2009 on the Disney Channel. It starred Demi Lovato. Sonny With A Chance ended officially on January 2, 2011 because of Demi's departure from the show.

What is the television show 'Sonny With a Chance' about?

Sonny, a girl from Wisconsin, gets to star in her favorite comedy show. The show is 'So Random'. So Random is nemesis with another television show near them. that show is called 'Mackenzie Falls'. tell me what else you want to know about it and i will try to answer it

Is Sonny With a Chance a cool TV show?

no. it's pretty dumb

Who plays Demi Lovato's mom on the TV show Sonny With a Chance?

Nancy McKeon plays Sonny Munroe's mother, Connie.

What tv show connects Sonny With a Chance and wizards of Waverly place?

dont have a clue

Which tv show is better Sonny With a Chance or Good Luck Charlie?

american pie