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they definetly were not present at Micheal Jackson's service

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Q: Did the Jonas Brothers go to the Michael Jackson service?
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How do the Jonas Brothers feel about Michael Jackson dying?

They sent out their condolences to the Jackson family, and were saddened by his death. Research: Jonas Brothers Twitter page (jonasbrothers)

Who stalks the Jonas brothers?

No one because Michael Jackson is dead :)

Who is better Michael Jackson or Jonas Brothers?

Michael Jackson is better hands down they sold what a couple thosand albums and Michael Jackson sold all together around 200 millions copies for all 6 of his albulm. The Jonas brothers wish they could hold a candle to mj

Do the Jonas brothers like Michael Jackson?

the don't love him they don't hate him kevein Jonas thinks hes cool

What does Jackson 5 mean?

The Jackson five was a singing group of 5 brothers... Jackie,Tito,Jermaine,Marlon and Michael Jackson. they called their singing group the Jackson 5! That is all that it means,5 boys by the last name of Jackson... needed a name for their band or the Jonas Brothers!

Is joejonas hotter than Michael Jackson?

eewwww no. joe Jonas is no way near Michael Jackson.

All obout Jonas brothers?

theyre gay . that's all u need to know . they called Michael Jackson a peodaphile !! :@ GAY LORDS

Who is cuter Michael Jackson or Nick Jonas?

if you mean when Micheal Jackson got his face done then NICK JONAS DEFIANTLY!

How many more hit songs do the Jonas brothers have then Michael Jackson?

negative 17, at least.. do you realize you are comparing a pathetic Disney endorsed group of untalented brothers to the greatest pop icon of all time?

Where does the Jonas brother's extended family live?

in Michael Jackson's neverland.

Does Kevin Jonas like Michael Jackson?

yeah all of the jonases do

Do most celebs live in califoria?

Yes they do because their role model lives there like Michael Jackson, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and David Henrie