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Ticket to Ride is almost iambic.

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Q: Did the Beatles write any song in iambic pentameter?
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What poet who seems be using iambic pentameter bends the meter most?

There would be many candidates, from many different time periods. Shakespeare "bent" the meter quite a bit, understanding that the "sing-song" nature of pure iambic pentameter, in its purest form, becomes dull. Many others have stretched the meter quite a bit, including John Berryman, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost and Theodore Roethke. Technically, to be called a poem written in iambic pentameter, the lines or the cadence of the poem must be written in predominantly iambic pentameter. Given the number of poems that have come into print, it would be difficult to determine which poet "bends" the meter the most, while still categorizing the poems he or she has produced as iambic pentameter poems. In comparisons between a certain set of poets, you may have to decide this for yourself.

Did The Beatles write the Cadbury's roses song?


Did the Beatles write or sing a song about beer?


What did the Beatles write a song in a taxi?

if you mean what song did the beatles get an idea for in a taxi, it is Eight Days a Week. this is because the driver said it was like working eight days a week.

Who sang the song get back?

a beatles song from 1970?

Why did the Beatles write the song please please me?

John Lennon wrote the song; he said he was struck by the double meaning of "please" in the Bing Crosby song; "Please will you listen to my pleas" and he wrote the song in the style of Roy Orbison - it was speeded up when the Beatles recorded it.

What Beatles song did all 4 members of the group help write?

Flying on magical mystery tour.

Why did paul McCartney write the song when im 64?

He Wrote it 4 his dad, Jim McCartney, when he was 18. Then It soon Bcame a beatles song

What poetic pattern is used in the poem song to celia by ben Johnson?

iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter.

What is the Beatles song title called?

There are too many to write so click on 'related links' below that will take you to a wikipedia page where there is a list of the Beatles songs.

What makes verse and prose different?

Verse is often in rhyme or meter (a structure of syllables such as iambic pentameter or haiku) and does not always require proper sentence formation. Prose is written in paragraphs and sentences. thus verse is poetry and song and prose is "regular" writing.

Where did the Beatles first song?

The Beatles first song was contracted in Hamburg,Germany