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yes she did...she decided that if all five members of the group would not return..she no longer wanted to be pat of the situation

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Q: Did shannon bex quit danity Kane?
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How old is aubrey from danity Kane?

== == Danity Kane is currently Aubrey O' Day, Dawn Richards, Shannon Bex, D. Woods, Aundrea Fimbres. The group was put together during Making The Band, Diddy was looking for a all new girl group to put on the label after his first creation, Dream, broke up in 2003.

Where is the Bex Salt Mine located?

The Bex Salt Mine is located in Bex, Switzerland. This salt mine has become an attraction for tourists, allowing them to see how salt is harvested. The tour includes a 1 kilometer ride on a trolley through the tunnel to get up close and personal while learning about salt mining.

Does bex die in the the firm?

He gets stabbed by the yeti and he bleeds to death

What actors and actresses appeared in Making the Band 3 - 2005?

The cast of Making the Band 3 - 2005 includes: Shannon Bex as herself Jasmine Burke as herself Sean Combs as himself Aundrea Fimbres as herself Doc Holliday as Vocal coach Toy Holmes as Promo Announcer Michelle Livigne as herself Melissa Molinaro as herself Nicci Nix as Herself - Contestant Erika Othen as herself Francesca Ramirez as herself Celeste Scalone Stoney as herself Malika Ubaka as herself Dominique Young as Dominique Young

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Who is the oldest in Danity Kane?

Shannon Bex, she is 26.

Is any of the girls from the danity Kane group married?

yes, shannon bex is married yes, shannon bex is married

What are Danity Kane's singers full names?

The members of Danity Kane full name are: Shannon Rae Bex, Aundrea Aurora Fimbres, Dawn Angelique Richard, Aubrey Morgan O'Day,and Wanita Denise Woodgette

Is Shannon Bex from Danity Kane married?

yes she is. she talks about it on the season where they record their debut album. she uses her emotions toward her marriage in her music

What is Bex?

It is a small town in Switzerland. It is also a surname (singer Shannon Bex, formerly of Danity Kane) and a given female name.The character Bex Fisher appeared in the UK television series Waterloo Road, played by Tina O'Brien.

What are the names of the girls in Danity Kane?

The girls in the music group Danity Kane were Aubrey O'Day, D. Woods, Shannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres, and Dawn Richard. The group was formed in 2004 as a result of the MTV show "Making the Band 3". The band later broke up in 2008.

What is the birth name of Shannon Bex?

Shannon Bex's birth name is Shannon Rae Bex.

Who is the blonde haired girl in the f'real milkshake ads on the machine touchscreen?

Her name is Shannon Bex, she was in the singing group Danity Kane that P Diddy created and had a reality show on MTV for. I kept seeing her in these ads and it annoyed me so much that I couldn't figure out who she was but then it just clicked.

How tall is Shannon Bex?

Shannon Bex is 5' 4".

What nicknames does Shannon Bex go by?

Shannon Bex goes by Rae.

What is Shannon Bex's birthday?

Shannon Bex was born on March 22, 1980.

When was Shannon Bex born?

Shannon Bex was born on March 22, 1980.