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No she didn't kill anyone but when Katniss and Ruesplitup, Rue got trapped in a net and shouted Katniss over and over again until she came. When Katniss arrived, she quickly cut the net and then got Rue to stand up. When Rue was standing Rue was stabbed with a spear in the stomach and Katniss shot Marvel in the throat, which killed him. After when she was dying, Katniss was asked by Rue to sing a song. This song she sang was Rue's lullaby. After when Rue completely died, Katniss gathered flowers and put them around Rue's body. Then Katniss left.

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Yes she did. Marvel kills her with a spear.

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Q: Did rue really die in the hunger games?
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What book did rue die in?

Rue dies in the first book, The Hunger Games.

How did Rue in the Hunger Games book die?

She was shot with an arrow.

Was willow rue in the Hunger Games?

Yes Willow rue was in the hunger games.

What does rues flowers represent in the hunger games?

The Rue flower reminds Katniss of home and of Katniss. Rue also is a word that means regret and sorrow. Rue's character is to emphasis how cruel and sorrowful The Hunger Games really are.

What does rue flower symbolize in the novel of the hunger games?

Katniss was trying to be loyal to Rue and to show people how brutal the games really are.

What district was rue from in the hunger games?

Rue was from District 11 in the Hunger Games.

Is rue from The Hunger Games alive?

No, Rue died during the games.

How does Rue from The Hunger Games die?

She gets stabbed with a spear by one of the other competitors

Who is going to play Rue in the movie of the Hunger Games?

Little Amandla Stenberg (14) played Rue in The Hunger Games.

What is the minimovie The Hunger Games Katniss and Rue all about?

Its about her and rue when rue dies.

Who is the fastest in The Hunger Games?


What are the release dates for Hunger Games Katniss and Rue - 2010?

Hunger Games Katniss and Rue - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010