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Yeah... But Roc Said He Said" I Don't Like Star Because She To Old For Me and She Think She All Hard..! :D But Any Way He Said" She To Old and He Don't Like Older People He Don't Want to Get Star in Jail Or Hisself So Yeah They Go Out It is Secret..! :D Just Kiddin Man Naw If Star Would Go Out With Roc She is A Nasty Girl..! :D That is Straight Up Nasty..! :D

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Q: Did roc royal from mindless behavior go out with star from omg girlz?
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Who is prison girlfriend from Mindless Behavior?

Beauty or star from the omg girlz

Did ray ray from mindless behavior go out with star from OMG Girlz?


Who are the omg girlz dating?

star from the OMG girlz is dating rayray from mindless behavior and beauty is dating princeton babydoll is unknown

Is roc royal single from mindless behavior?

Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is single....Princeton, Prodigy, and Ray Ray are also single but they annouced in the interview with Crystal that they are looking for their #1 girl.

Who from the omg girlz are dating mindless behavior?

Idk for sure about the rest of the girls but star is dating ray ray for mindless do I knw this cauz she my sister

How old do you have to be to be a omg girlz?

baby doll 17 star 16 beauty 14or 15 that the omg girlz the omg girlz rock they are funny but they like have fun the omg girl dont ilke mindless behavior just on you tube # bahja team mindless

Do the omg girlz got a boy friend?

Yes star goes out with ray ray from mindless behavior but eeryone else is still single

Does mindless behavior like fat people?

no because they love my friends and lolo beauty and star and get u butty off of my man starand every omg girls back off mindless behavior ok got that sweety pops thank you to omg girlz

Do roc royal from mindless behavior go out with one of the omg girls?

i think he went out with zonnique pullins(aka star)

Is ray ray dating anyone?

i don't know if he is dating anyone but i 'm sure its star from the omg girlz bcuz he said something about them on mindless behavior facebook page

Does roc royal go otu with any of omg girlz?

I think that he go out with star on omg girlz

Does ray ray from mindless behavior have a girlfriend and who?

ray ray from mindless behavior supposedly goes out with Zonnique Pullins known as star from the OMG Girlz, T.I's daughter but to be honest i dont believe it because neither of them has said anything about them being together... so you still have a chance lol(: