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Q: Did pauley perrette play on brady bunch?
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Who does chis knight play in the Brady Bunch?

Chris Knight plays middle son Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch.

Did farah fawcett ever play Cindy on a brady bunch movie?

No. In the film "The Brady Bunch Movie" (1995), Cindy was played by Olivia Hack.

Did pauley perrette ever play on the tv show monk?

No, she does not list it on her resumé. She lists appearances on many TV programs, including "24," "Dawson's Creek," and "NCIS." But there is no mention of her on Monk.

What brady bunch character did david cassidy play?

David Cassidy did not play any character on The Brady Bunch. The show he was on was The Partridge Family. In that show he played oldest son Keith Patridge.

Did the brady bunch kids play sport?

There are episodes where the Brady kids play sports. Like,Bobby and Greg both played football, andMarcia was alwaystrying out for cheerleading.

Who did Christopher Knight play in The Brady Bunch?

Christopher Knight played the middle clumsiest son Peter. Knight didn't have success after The Brady Bunch was cancelled but was fine working in dozens of software businessess.

Is pauley perrette a goth when not filming?

Once a goth always a goth... Unless you play a goth on TV... But Pauley Perrette is not a real goth!!! Even on the show she's a fake goth. Nongoths wearing goth fashion is why most goths stopped wearing goth fashion in the early 2000s. She might as well be a Hot Topic clerk.

Who did Robert Reed play in The Brady Bunch?

Robert Reed played the dad Mike Brady. Reed died in 1992 of colon and some complications with health.

Who did Mike Lookinland play in The Brady Bunch?

Mike Lookinland played youngest awesome son Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch. It was reported that he was arrested in November 1997 near St. George, Utah for alleged drunk driving and years after leaving the hit show, Lookinland cut off the end of his index finger with a table saw.

Who did Barry Williams play in The Brady Bunch?

Barry Williams played the oldest son Greg. Williams attended the Big Apple Convention in October 2010 in New York City and dated Maureen McCormick during the Brady Bunch run.

Who did Eve Plumb play in The Brady Bunch?

Eve Plumb played middle mischievous daughter Jan Brady. Plumb also paints lots of designs and lives partime in California and New York City with her husband and has grown children.

What inspired Tom Brady to play football?

who inspired Tom Brady