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Q: Did meatloaf ever do a version of total eclipse of the heart?
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Who sang turn around?

The song was recorded by Pete Seegar in 1962 with a cover version being released by The Byrds three years later. Their version was an instant success and is most commonly referred to as the 'first' version when in fact it is the second.

Who was the backup singer for bonnie tyler on total eclipse of the heart?

It was not Meatloaf....he was originally supposed to record the song, but he turned it down and it was given to Bonnie Tyler. the backup singer was just that...a career backup singer named Rory Dodd who also sang backup for Meatloaf as well as these artists: 1977 - Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf -Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever 1979 - Ian Hunter - You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic 1981 - Meatloaf - Dead Ringer 1982 - Peter Criss - Let me Rock You 1983 - Billy Joel - An Innocent Man - Ian Hunter - All of the Good Ones Are Taken 1984 - Lou Reed New Sensations - Billy Squier - Signs of life - Barbara Steisand - Emotion - Barry Manilow - Read 'em and Weep 1985 - Carly Simon - Spoiled Girl - James Taylor - That's Why I'm Here 1987 - Patty Smyth - Never Enough 1993 - Laura Brannigan - Over My Heart - Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell II; Back into hell 1995 - Bon Jovi - These Days 1996 - Celine Dion - Falling into You

Who sang total eclipse of the heart when Zachary Gordon sang it in the movie?

zachary gordon sang the song and it also says that it is his favourite song

Who is a Famous person initials t b?

Bonnie Tyler, singer, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" Bernie Topin, co-wrote songs with Elton John

What movies have the word total in their title?

Total Recall (1990), Total Eclipse (1995), Total Destruction (2002), Total Western (2000)...