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She didn't. She and Undertaker started dating AFTER his divorce.

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Q: Did mc cool steal undertaker away from sara?
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Did Michelle mccool steal undertaker from sara?

NO. The Undertaker was already divorced from Sara before he started dating Michelle.

What if Michelle mc cool and sara are one in the same?

That would be convenient for the Undertaker.

Who is undertaker s first wife?

Sara October 17, 2008 Taker and Sara are divorced and he is dating Michelle McCool

Is the undertaker still with sara?

No, they are divorced.

Was sara at wreslemania24 with undertaker?

NO, they are separated

Is the undertaker and sara back together?


What abou the undertaker old wife sara?

What about her

Who is undertaker married to right now?


How a can merry undertaker?

undertaker's married undertaker's married October 17, n2008 Undertake is divorced from Sara and is daing Michelle

What Brock Lesnar did to undertaker wife sara?

He did not do anything to her.

Is The Undertaker single?

No, the Undertaker is married to his second wife Sara, since July 21, 2000 & has three children, one boy from his previous marriage to Jodi Lynn & two girls with his current wife Sara.

Is undertaker have child with sara?

He has two daughters with ex-wife Sara, and a son from his first ex-wife