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Q: Did mark miller sing Oscar mayer?
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Who wrote the Oscar Mayer bologna song?

It was written by Christian Comedian, Mike Williams. He sold it to them and can no longer sing it in his shows.

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Sing Miller was born in 1914.

When did Sing Miller die?

Sing Miller died in 1990.

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Written in 1977 by: Oscar Stuart Blandamer Performed in 1978 by: Frankie Miller Reference:

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John Mayer- Dreaming with a Broken Heart

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Who is the producer for Casting Crowns?

The name of the lead sing of Casting Crowns is Mark Hall. He is also the songwriter for most of the songs by Casting Crowns.

Does John Mayer sing Fireflies?

No. Adam Young, better known as Owl City, sang Fireflies.

What actors and actresses appeared in Miller and Lyles Sing de Ducks - 1921?

The cast of Miller and Lyles Sing de Ducks - 1921 includes: Aubrey Lyles as himself

What song does Hayley Williams sing with mac miller?

she has never sung with mac miller but she has sang with b.o.b and eminem

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