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No she had one with her own cousin and got pregnant

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Q: Did leland Chapman have an affair with davina Chapman?
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Who did Davina Chapman have an affair with?

Davina Chapman had an affair with Trey Reeves. Reeves is a surfer and basketball player from Pearl City, Hawaii.

We're Davina Chapman and Leland Chapman having an affair?

NO!!! leland would never do that to tim!!! leland is a great guy. This is how rumours start, with idiots asking idiotic questions about people's personal lives. Anyone asking that kind of question is just gossiping about people you do not know. nobody knows what happened to Tim's marriage, only those involved and they are clearly not talking about it, so why are you?

Is Tim Chapman a single father?

Tim and Davina Chapman divorced after Davina allegedly had an affair and became pregnant with the other mans child. After the divorce Tim was given custody of their three children.

What happened to Davina Tim Chapman's wife?

Hot pictures of Davina Chapman

Why Tim Chapman and wife are not together?

her name is Davina- short for something else- but I don't think they are married any longer

What is the birth name of Leland Chapman?

Leland Chapman's birth name is Leland Blaine Chapman.

What is the birth name of Davina Chapman?

Davina Chapman's birth name is Davinanatasha R. Faletoi.

How old is davina Chapman and is her maiden name leigh?

Davina Chapman is 26yrs of age and her maiden name is Faletoi Davina Chapman is 26yrs of age and her maiden name is Faletoi

What is Leland Chapman's birthday?

Leland Chapman was born on December 14, 1976.

When was Leland Chapman born?

Leland Chapman was born on December 14, 1976.

Is leland Chapman a nice person?

yes leland chapman is a really nices person

What is leland Chapman looking for in a girl?

Only Leland Chapman could tell you for sure.