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Is Kim Zimmer pregnant in real life?

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Q: Did kim zimmer really have a baby on guddinlight?
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Was kim zimmer really pregnancy on gudding light?


Is kim zimmer really pregnant?

YES SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not belive a wo,an in her 50`s is pregnant!

When was Kim Zimmer born?

Kim Zimmer was born on February 2, 1955, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

How tall is kim zimmer?

5' 2"??

What is Kim Zimmer who is on Guiding Light's twitter address?


Does Kim Zimmer have cancer in real life?

No, Kim Zimmer does not have cancer in real life ... She just recently said in an interview that she had to read a couple of books to get the guidelines to portray someone who does have cancer.

Kim Zimmer played a character with six last names in what TV series?

Guiding Light

How old are Kim Zimmer's kids?

Kim Zimmer has three children with husband A. C. Weary: Rachel Weary was born June 20, 1982 Max Weary was born March 19, 1987 Jake Weary was born February 14, 1990

What did kim kardashian have?

a baby

When does kim have the baby in Waterloo road?

Kim had the baby in series 5, episode 18. She named him Dexter.

Did kim on housewives of atlanta have her baby?


Does lil kim have a baby?

Yes she does