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There were rumors that Kam Carmen had an affair on Jim Shemansky, but this has never been confirmed. The couple is divorced as of May 8, 2014.

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Q: Did kam Carmen have an affair on jim shemansky?
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Why did kam Carmen devores her second husband?

She divorced both of her husbands.

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Kam was just out for the week. She'll be back Monday. I haven't seen her for a week or so, but she is still on the web site. It looks like she is now part of a 9am news show that comes on after the normal morning news, so she may not be showing up in the earlier hours as she used to. She was on on 3/17/10.

Did kam carman divorce Jim shemanski?

Yes, she is divorced again. It was ugly too. He wasn't very bright to have left her!

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What is going on at fox2Detroit, every one is leaving?when will you answer this?

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