Did kakuzu kill first Hokage

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nope, i dont think he did....the first hokage was just the first hidden leaf ninja that kakuzu had ever fought

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Q: Did kakuzu kill first Hokage
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Is kakuzu killed first Hokage?

no.only fight he might have killed the 1st bcz he had the 1st's heart.

What village is Kakuzo from the show Naruto from?

First off, it isn't Kakuzo, it is Kakuzu. His partner is Hidan. Kakuzu is a former waterfall shinobi. He betrayed the country and joined the akatsuki. He was sent on a mission to kill the first hokage. He is able to live that long, because he steals other people's hearts for his own. He stole the first hokage's heart also. He is defeated, by Naruto, who uses his wind shuriken - Rasengan. Which damages his chakra cells, so he is banned from using it ever again by Tsunade the fifth hokage. Hopes this helps! :D~NarutoNerd94

The first Hokage has been killed by kakuzu or madara Uchiha?

He die because of suicide .The First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, died during a war. The person who killed him is unknown, it might not have been an individual, it could have been a group effort. He had already defeated Madara, who was elsewhere at the time, heavily injured and setting up his own plans for the future. Kakuzu's attempt to kill him failed, and he never had a second chance.

When Naruto become Hokage?

He will be the fifth hokage soon. After he kill pain.Thank you

Is Kakashi going to kill one of the akatsuki?

He finished of Kakuzu.

Why is hidan kakuzu's parther?

Kakuzu had a very bad temper and tended to kill his partners when getting angry. Since Hidan couldn't be killed Kakuzu didn't need new partners the entire time.

Does anyone kill Kakuzu in 'Naruto Shippuden'?

Naruto did,thats first time he used RasenShuriken- episode 88! Amazing :D

What does Kakuzu's name mean?

The first kanji in Kakuzu's name (角) stands for kakugyō, the bishop in shogi.

Does kin and zaku die?

yes, they were killed by orochimaru so that he can use their bodys for Edo Tensei (to put it simply, they were transformed into the first and second hokage) So really he sacrifised them to bring back 1st and 2nd hokage to kill 3rd hokage.

Who kill second Hokage?

he died of old age

How did first Hokage beat marada Uchiha?

how did first hokage beat marada uchiha

In Naruto is kakuzu a powerful ninja?

Yes, Kakuzu was able to face the 1st Hokage and not die. He can also use all of the elemental jutsu types (as he has stolen a heart of 4 elements plus his natural water type). To kill him Naruto had to use a wind rasengan that was so powerful it tore up his hand at the cellular level, so he's pretty powerful. Essentially all Akatsuki members are around the skill level of a Kage.