Did josie win big brother

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes josie did win big brother 2010 followed by Dave who came 2nd marrio who came 3rd JJ who is Aston merrygolds brother from JLS came 4th and 5th was Andrew on the Friday before that corrin, Steve,sam pepper and john James got voted out and the pthers before that josie who won will now go back into the house for another 18 days with some other housemates from past series for the ultimate big brother to see who is the acctual winner out of all the ones that have gone back into the house again for the last ever big brother :) and :'(

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Q: Did josie win big brother
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Who do you want to win Big Brother 11?

I Want JOSIE To Win!! :D

Who is the winner of big brother 2010?

The show hasn't finished yet but Josie is the favourite

Is Josie going out with John James from big brother?

Yes they are dating and reportedly living together.

What year did mark Owen win big brother?

It was Celebrity Big Brother in 2002.

Who is going to win celebrity big brother 2012?

Frankie cocozza will win celebrity big brother...... I think the twins will go next.

Who will win big brother?

Britney or Lane

Is Jonas going to win celebrity big brother?

I don't know! But Jonas isn't even in big brother so how can they win! They are Disney Stars!

Who are going into the ultimate big brother?

the people that are going into the ultimate big brother are: 1. Josie who won big brother this year 2010 2.chantelle 3.preston 4.nadia 5.brian dowling from 2001 6.ulrika johnston 7.makosi 8.john mcCrick 9.coolio 10.nikki grhame from 2006 11.nick bateman from 2001 these are celebrates from big brother from the past 10 years to see which one will be cround the ultimate big brother and win it all as this year 2010 is the last big brother ever :'(

Which British TV reality show shilpa win in 2007?

Celebrity Big Brother celebrity big brother

Who wins big brother 10?

in 5th place was Andrew 4th jj 3rd Mario 2nd Dave 1st josie

Who is going in to big brother 2010?

vinnie is going to win

How do you win big brother?

they will give you compatitions to complete and also you never want to be a targert at the big brother because maybe the person will win hoh and put you up there are two compations in the house hoh, pov head of household or power of vetothat part of how you win