Did jdog backslap deuce

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he didnt backslap him he shot im in the leg

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Q: Did jdog backslap deuce
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How long has Hollywood undead been together?

Hollywood Undead first began with just members Deuce and JDog back in 2005 on MySpace.

Are J-Dog and Deuce still friends?

Yes they are they did an interview where Deuce was talking to Jdog and why he went they still think of each other as bro.s

Did Deuce leave HU?

person A)No. He Got Kicked Out By The Other Members But As Much As I Love Him I Think He Deserved It. ME)first he didnt get kicked out he QUIT cuz jdog took all the credit from him when he did the beats the chorus the almost the whole lyrics then j3t did sumthin (idk) wat pissed em off so he made the song story of a snitch the chorus of that is about jdog

What did Deuce do to get kicked out of Hollywood undead?

Deuce got kicked out of HU because he wasnt happy when they went on tour and for him to continue touring the other members would have to do things just to make him happy. and then J3T got mad and they got into an arguement and they had to choose who ti keep. their choices were get rid of J3T and JDOG or just Deuce and they chose to kick Deuce out of the band and they think they are doing better with the next album thats coming out but i honestly dont know what their new album is called yet.

Why did j3t and jdog kick out deuce?

Because Duece made a song called "Story Of A Snitch" and it talks about J3T ( Johny three tears) and J-Dog...That is wrong, he made the song after he was kicked out. It's unknown why he was kicked out at the moment.

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Who is jdog from Hollywood undead parents?

well jorel decker ( jdog) his father name is miles decker. im not sure about his mother

What is a good website that has approprite videos to watch about the Jumano Indans?

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Is jdog from Hollywood undead a blood?


How many times has jdog been in jail?


Can you backslap somebody so hard that there is a hand print for a week?

no its physically impossible

What actors and actresses appeared in Deuce - 2008?

The cast of Deuce - 2008 includes: Deuce Skurcenski as Deuce Lawrence Skurcenski as Deuce