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Aparently yes he was related to haji mastan,who was a very good man bt dawood is very nasty little chap who knows jus how to murder people..and a coward too tatz y he keeps on hiding from one place to the other.Silly goose dawood.

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No i dnt thnk coz dawood waz good wit hiji mastan mirza nd he waz died coz of his helth problms.....

Di movie once apon a time in mumbai iz nt fully correct movie its jst a film but wen haji mastan mirza waz der mumbai waz fully clean nw its lyk sheet.....F.S.....!

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Q: Did dawood ibrahim killed hajji mastan mirza?
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How did haji mastan died?

I have heard that Haji Mastan was killed by Dawood Ibrahims men in Mumbai attacks

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How did haji mastan died?

I have heard that Haji Mastan was killed by Dawood Ibrahims men in Mumbai attacks

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