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No, they are different actors both named "David Bradley". The David Bradley from Kes now goes by Dai Bradley.

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Q: Did david Bradley from kes play in the Harry Potter films?
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Was David Bradley an Orc in Lord of the Rings?

No. He does play Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films though.

Who plays Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies?

David Bradley Argus Filch is portrayed by British actor David Bradley.

Was Bradley Cooper in Harry Potter?

No, Bradley Cooper was not in the Harry Potter films. There were no American actors except for Zoe Wanamaker [Madame Hooch].

Who played mr flinch in Harry Potter?

If you mean Mr. Filch, the creepy caretaker who has a cat named Mrs. Norris, then this is your answer: Argus Filch is played by David Bradley in the Harry Potter Films

Who directed last 4 Harry Potter films?

David Yates

Was David Wright a real person or a fictional character from the Harry Potter films?

There is no person named David Wright associated with the Harry Potter films. The closest association to this name is Bonnie Wright who played Ginny in the Harry Potter series. One famous David Wright is the third baseman for the New York Mets of the MLB, but completely unrelated to the Harry Potter franchise.

What films does David Yates direct?

David Yates now is known for directing the Harry Potter moves starting with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He also directed movies like, Rank. and the Young Visitors.

What is the fax number at the casting office for Harry Potter films?

However, there are no more auditions for the Harry Potter films.

Which Harry Potter books has been made into two films?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is the only Harry Potter book that has been made into two films.

Does David Yates have a wife?

David Yates is an English director, known for directing half of the Harry Potter films. He is married to Yvonne Walcott.

What is LEGO Harry Potter all about?

Lego Harry Potter is a Logo theme based on the films of the Harry Potter series.

What is Harry Potter name?

Harry James Potter. Daniel Radcliffe plays Harry Potter in all the films.