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you better believe it

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Q: Did chuck woolery have a thing for shandi on lingo?
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Aren't mobile internet providers the same as cell phone providers?

There is new lingo being released literally everyday. No matter the lingo both mobile and cell phone mean the same thing.

Is there a word meaning girl or woman but not gal it sounds like country lingo or outdated example guy means boy or man?

well you can say any thing so it sounds like country lingo but one word you might be thing about is mam as in 'yes mam'

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chuck nelson:)

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Can you give me a list of computer slang and lingo so I can understand them?

Best thing you can do is Googling each word you come across, like "n00b definition".

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The original meaning of the word chuck as it is applied in the case of the woodchuck is 'a dweller' in other words the 'dweller of the woods' or 'that thing that lives in the woods.' Used as a verb the word chuck means 'to throw'. So my opinion is no, woodchucks do not chuck wood.