Did billy idol sing wild one?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Yes Billy idol did do a cover of Wild One in 1987 as far as i know it was never released on one of his albums though

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Crocodile Dundee 2

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Q: Did billy idol sing wild one?
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Did johnny cash sing the song tainted love?

Billy Idol never recorded this song and I doubt he ever played a cover it during one of his shows.

When was white wedding by Billy Idol number one?

he was at number one on the 21st of April 1983

Does billy holiday have siblings?

Billy Idol has one sister, in fact the song "White Wedding" was written for her due to an early pregnancy.

Who is perry lister she has two kids with Billy Idol?

Perry Lister has one kid with Billy Idol.And the name of the kid is Willem

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Taylor Swift has never performed on American Idol, and considering there is only one season left, it's unlikely she ever will.

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He's not married. He is only single with kids.

What was Billy Idol like in the 1980s?

Awesome, popular, amazing, stylish, rocker, the list goes on. One of a kind, a BIG DEAL.

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One group that sang the song, Cutie Pie, was One Way.

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Is Simon Cowell still on American Idol?

i heard that he will do at least one more season of American Idol and then its possible that he will quitI heard that he is doing one more season at least.

How does billy idol rate as hit maker?

Pretty good. He's had 9 top 40 hits. BTW- White Wedding is one of my favorite songs.

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