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Well since Ahsoka left the Jedi shortly before the events in Revenge of the Sith, it's possible.

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Q: Did asoka tano get married after the clone wars?
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What is asoka's last name in clone wars?

Asoka Tano

Who is in Star Wars clone wars who isn't in the Star Wars movies?

The two that i can think of are Asoka Tano and Captain Rex.

What are three characters in the clone wars?

Three characters in the Clone Wars are captain Rex (clone) Asoka Tano ( Anakin's padawan.) And Obi-wan Kanobi. Need any more?

When was asoka the jedi created?

Ahsoka Tano was created when the new TV series "The Clone Wars" was being planned.

Where is the station to get asoka tano on Lego Star Wars 3com?

The station to get Ahsoka Tano is on the Star Destroyer. To get her, you will need Anakin Skywalker and any clone (clone trooper, Fox, Rex, Cody, or Senate Commando).

Was asoka tano from Star Wars killed?

Ahsoka's fate has not been revealed yet, so we'll have to wait and find out what happens to her at the end of The Clone Wars.

Who is luke skywalker's padawan?

He didn't have one. Luke has an apprentice during The Clone Wars: Asoka Tano

In Star Wars the clone wars what was the name of the padone?


Is Asoka Tano in episode 3?

No, Ahsoka Tano does not appear in Episode 3 of the Star Wars saga, "Revenge of the Sith." She is a character introduced in the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" animated series.

Who created ahsoka tano?

Dave Filoni; the director on Star Wars the Clone Wars

How old is ashoka tano from the clone wars?

Ahsoka Tano was born in 36 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), so during the events of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," she would have been around 14-17 years old.

Who is Ashoka Tano?

Ahsoka Tano is a Togruta female that became Anakin Skywalker's Padawan. At the beginning of Star Wars: Clone Wars, she was approximately 14 years old.