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Lady Gaga has never had any kids, so none of them have died.

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Q: Did any of Lady Gagas kids die?
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Did lady gagas sister die?

NO! Her sister is called Natalie and she is not dead! She is in the video for Telephone.

How did Lady Gagas sister die?

Her sister Natali did not die. She is very much alive. You are confusing her sister with her Aunt Joanne. Her aunt Joanne died of Lupus.

What is lady gagas real eye colour?

Brown. Go check her latest video "Telephone" you can see it there before the people die in the diner.

What is lady gagas famemonster playlist?

Bad Romance, Alejandro, Monster, Speechless, Dance in the Dark, Teeth, Telephone, So Happy I Could Die. Not in that order though.

Did Lady Gagas dog die?

Sadly yes... V.V But she had two great danes Lava and Rumpus.Rumpus was Lavas son.But quite sadly Rumpus died in october of 2009.

Did any of Alexander graham bell's kids die?

yes they did die

Did Michelangelo's kids die?

I don't think he had any.

Did any of ray Charles kids die?

no fall his kids are alive just at an old age

How did the kids of Hitler die?

Hitler never had any children.

Did any kids die in world war 2?

Yes, Many.

Do people know when Lady Gaga will die?

nobody knows when lady gaga will die neither does lady gaga

Did the lady off the video Grape Lady Falls die?

no she didn't die