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Yes in all 3 of them

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Q: Did alexa vega act in spy kids 1?
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Who plays Carmen in 'Spy Kids'?

Alexa Vega

Is alexa vega from spy kids game over?

Yes, Alexa Vega is the lead actress in the Spy Kids movies.

Is alexa vega the mom in spy kids?

No, she is the daughter.

Who is Carmen cortez in Spy Kids?

Alexa Vega

Is cascada the girl from spy kids?

No that's Alexa Vega

Song alexa sang in spy kids-2?

Isle of Dreams by Alexa Vega

Spy kids Carmen Crotez what is here name in real life?

She is played by Alexa Vega.

What is the name of the song in the spy kids 3?

Game Over by Alexa Vega (Carmen) she also sings the Isle of Dreams from Spy Kids 2

Who starred in Spy Kids 2 as the kids?

The kids in Spy Kids 2 were played by Alexa Vega as Carmen Cortez and Daryl Sabara as Juni Cortez. They played the same roles in the original Spy Kids.

Who are the stars of spy kids?

I don't know who Juni is but Carmen is Alexa Vega

What movies is Alexis Vega in?

1. it's Alexa 2. She's in all the Spy Kids movies as a kid

Two lead kid characters in the movie triology Spy Kids?

Daryl Sabara is Juni Alexa Vega is Carmen