Did WWE bastista quit WWE

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He left because hhh stoped paying him then he quit

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Q: Did WWE bastista quit WWE
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What was the date cm punk quit WWE?

what date did cm punk quit WWE

What happen to Batista in WWE?

He quit from the WWE.

Why did mvp quit WWE?

He didnt quit he got released

What year did batista quit?

Batista quit wwe on the 6.7.10

How do you end an I quit match in WWE the game?

u make your opponent say i quit and jhon cena has won the most i quit matches in the wwe universe

Has batista quit WWE?

Yes, he really quit WWE. He left to take a break and maybe look into MMA & acting.

Did kelly kelly quit WWE?


Did kizarny quit the WWE?

No he was fired

Did Mickie James quit WWE?


Is there a you quit match in WWE 12?


Is Dave Batista going to TNA now he has quit the WWE?

No he has decided to quit

Did JBL quit smack down?

JBL quit the WWE at Wrestlemania 25.