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yes his name was frank

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Q: Did Victor Cruz have a brother?
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What family is left of victor cruz?

Victor Cruz and Angel Cruz related

Who is faster Victor Cruz or Hakeem Nicks?

Victor Cruz

Where was victor cruz?

Victor Cruz was born in Paterson, New Jersey.

What number is victor cruz on the giants?

Victor Cruz is number 80.

When was Victor Cruz born?

Victor Cruz was born on April 12, 1978.

What year was victor cruz born in?

Victor Cruz was born in the year 1986

What college did NFL player Victor Cruz play for?

NFL player Victor Cruz played for Massachusetts.

When was Victor Hernández Cruz born?

Victor Hernández Cruz was born on 1949-02-06.

When is Victor's birthday?


What position does Victor Cruz play?

Victor Cruz plays wide receiver for the New York Giants.

Is victor cruz married?


What is Victor Cruz's number on the New York Giants?

Victor Cruz is number 80 on the New York Giants.