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Yes, Trish and Lita did kiss on Raw. They kissed on the 15th anniversary of Raw before their match.

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Q: Did Trish Stratus and Lita kiss on Raw?
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Is Trish Stratus on Smackdown Vs Raw 2010?

Trish Stratus is not in SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

Has a diva been tickled?

Nothing on air speifically but... The closest incident involved Edge, Snitsky and Lita. Edge offered Snitsky Litas feet if he beat a person up (I believe Kane). In this scene Edge stroked Litas feet a little bit but this didn't have any obvious 'tickling' effect on her. Lita is known to be not ticklish in real life. Lita briefly tickled Edge on air in a latter eposide of RAW. On one of the Diva DVDS (Viva Las Divas of the WWE) there is an Easter egg extra were Torrie Wilson briefly tickles Trish Stratus near a statue. You can access this by going to Chapters Page 2 and left clicking three times on Trish Stratus.

Why did Trish Stratus leave the WWE and when?

Many reasons: Tired of wrestling wanted get married to her real boyfriend done everything a women could do in wwe wanted to create a yoga building in Toronto where she teaches yoga (called stratusphere) spend more time with family etc Trish didn't want to wrestle The Glamazon Cause she wanted to she was tired of working

How do you get Lita in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

you cannot i have tried every thing

Is Lita dead from the WWE?

Right now, I don't see Lita coming back to the WWE. She said, "It takes to much of my time, and I have a lot on my plate." On July 2, 2006, Lita had her last match against Mickie James at Survivor Series.Because that was her last match, her contract expired at the WWE. I was hoping that she was going to to TNA or Impact. (That is where most of the wrestlers or divas went when they got fired.) She had a serious injury. Lita is now only doing guest appearances on Monday Night Raw, but that hasn't happened since last year. Just remember, right now, it looks like you are going to just have to watch the glorious matches on Youtube. :'(

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Is lita and trish on the game?

Lita and Trish Stratus are not on SD! vs Raw '09.

Is Trish Stratus In Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

No. She wont be in smackdown vs raw 2011, lita wont be there 2. you can unlock some divas but... not trish or lita. they are not in the game whatsoever.

Is trish stratus going to be in Smackdown Vs raw 2009?

yes, her and lita as legends so far, due to raw 15th anniversary!

Is Trish Stratus on Smackdown Vs Raw 2010?

Trish Stratus is not in SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

Are all of the divas including trish stratus and lita gong to have two attires in smackdown vs raw 2009?

no all of the divas do not have 2nd attires. trish stratus and lita are not even on the game. The only divas that have a 2nd attires are Maria and Kelly Kelly,but only for the playstation 3. they are both dressed up as Santa's helpers.

Who is the secret manager for WWE Raw?

The raw GM is Trish Stratus

Where is WWE diva trish stratus?

trish stratus is in tranto Canada (her home town ) and she hosted raw 1 time .

Is trish and lita in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

Most likely they wont be on Smackdown vs RAW 2010i think you can get them but in two different waysTrish Stratus - Complete Mickies Road to Wrestlemaniadownload players i think you get lita david hart smith and Tyson kid and lita (i haven't tried it yet ) orplay carer mode and unlock them

Does lita and trish will be in SVR 2009?

No they will not be in Smack Down vs Raw 2009

Where did Trish Stratus go?

trish stratus appeared as john cena's partner on monday night raw. this match was against santino marrella and Beth Phoenix, but where did trish go.

Which people can you unlock in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Trish Stratus

Is trish stratus on WWE smackdown vs raw 2012?