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Q: Did Triple H get revenge on Randy Orton for kissing his wife?
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Who is sexier triple h or randy orton?

randy orton

Who won the triple threat at night of champions?

Randy orton. yay randy orton!

Is Randy Orton stronger then Triple H?

Randy Orton is better but triple h Have a laugh, Triple H would batter Randy Orton.

Why does Triple H hate Randy Orton?

triple h hates randy orton because he kissed stephanie mcmahon when triple h was hand cuffed to the ropes and also because he rkoed her to

Will Randy Orton get revenge on Mark Henry?

I am sure he will

Are Randy Orton and Triple H friends?


What started Randy Orton's rivalry toward Triple H?

when randy orton won the world heavyweight championship

Who smashed randy orton's door?

Triple H did.

Did Randy Orton kill Triple H's wife?


Who won wrestlemania 25 out of Triple H and Randy Orton?

triple h

When did Randy Orton kiss maryse?

Awesome I never now that they have kissing

Who will win at night of champions John Cena Randy Orton or Triple H?

i think cena should win so the triple h ,randy orton fued will end