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Q: Did Taraji P Henson play in scary movie 2?
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Didn't Taraji Henson play in a movie called Pounced or something like that?

She was in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Hustle & Flow, and many other films, but I have never heard of the movie "Pounce".

Do Taraji P Henson looks like tammi terrell?

I totally agree and think that she should play Tammi Terrell in a movie. In fact, I think that the big studios should definitely make a movie about Tammi Terrell's life.

Which character did Pamela Anderson play in Scary Movie 3?

Pamela Anderson played Becka Kotler in Scary Movie 3.

Why did DrPhil play on scary movie?

Dr.Phil played on Scary Movie because all the Scary Movies"s" are parodys and he agreed to sign on and do a small cameo to ridicule Shaq and himself. It' s entirely for satire in the movie.

Who will play in the new movie movie scary movie 5?

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been confirmed.

What is the most scary horror movie?

Exorcist, The shining, and Child's play.

How do you play 'shake ya ass' from Scary Movie 2 on the piano?

You learn it.

What is the best chucky movie?

The movie Child's Play that features the doll Chucky is rated R.

What position does John Henson play?

John Henson plays center for the Milwaukee Bucks.

What NBA team does John Henson play for?

John Henson plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

How do you call a scary movie?

There is a "Scary Movie" series, which spoofs horror and science-fiction movies. "Scary Movie" (2000) and "Scary Movie 2" (2001) were collaborative efforts by brothers Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Shawn Wayans. "Scary Movie 3" (2003) and "Scary Movie 4" (2006) were directed by David Zucker, whose previous efforts include "Airplane!" (1980) and the "Naked Gun" series of comedy films. The common threads for all of the "Scary Movie" installments are actresses Anna Faris and Regina Hall, who play Cindy Campbell and Brenda Meeker, respectively. The "Scary Movie" series has earned more than $800 million worldwide. A "Scary Movie 5" project is expected to be completed in 2011.

Is Taraji Henson still dating rapper Common?

I heard that she was on Ms Jones show the other day saying that they never really dated like people are saying but only went out a few times....meaning they were never a couple i guess. From what i hear it almost sounded like she was trying to play him out.