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No, she had an accident

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Q: Did Tara Webster get a contract in dance academy 3?
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Is tara Webster and christian reed getting back together in dance academy 3?

yes they do. well i hope so.

What is Tara's dog's name on dance academy?

Steak is the dogs name

Why does christian like tara on dance academy?

Because he likes everything about her

What episode does Ethan first kiss Tara dance academy?

season 1 episode 12

In the show dance academy when does Christian start liking Tara?

I believe it's in episode 20 of season 1!

When do Christian and Tara date on dance academy?

They date at the start of season 2/very end of season 1.

Why do Aria and Ezra break up?

In Dance Academy, Ethan and Tara broke up because Abigail spotted a photo of Christian and Tara kissing on an exchange student's (Petra's) phone and uploaded it to the internet.

What song is in dance academy season 2 episode 7?

Which one? The one where Tara and Christian are playing cricket: its either "sandy allen" or "wax'n" by Point Three. The one where Tara and Christian are kissing on the beach: 'never alone' by Winterpark The hip hop dance: 'Got Rocks' by Amphibious Zoo Don't know the classical music where they are dancing ballet.

Do Christian and Tara get together in dance academy in season 3?

There is a possibly chance. I really hope they stay together till the whole show done. I hope they won't break up or even have a pause. Tara needs to just accept Christian and won't change him.

What color is tara Webster's leotard?

It is a vibrant green colour. The cross back camisole on energetiks.

Do tara and christian get back together in dance acdemy series 3?


Who was the winner of So you think you can dance Canada in 2009?

Tara-Jean Popowich