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It was because of the prophecy that Professor Trelawny had made that said that both could not live

Specifically, all Voldemort finds out of the prophecy is that the one named in the prophecy would have the power to defeat him. He does not find out about the second half, that effectively seals his fate, that neither can live while the other survives or that he will mark that one his equal.

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No, Sirius Black did not kill Lucius Malfoy. In fact, I don't think he killed anyone.

(Nor did Lucius Malfoy kill Sirius Black. Or Harry Potter. Actually, there are countless people who didn't kill each other.)

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No. Sirius actually wanted to protect Harry Potter and kill Peter Pettigrew for betraying Harry's parents.

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No, he was wrongly accused.

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Q: Did Sirius Black want to kill Harry Potter?
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Why does Sirius Black's cousin kill him in Harry Potter?

Sirius Black was murdered by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, because she is the crazy, murderous type. He wasn't on Voldemort's side and Bellatrix was one of Voldemort's loyal servants.

In Harry Potter why did Sirius Black kill those thirteen people?

Sirius Black didn't kill those thirteen muggles. Peter Pettigrew, who was the friend who betrayed James & Lily (Harry's parents), was being chased by Sirius Black, who was irate and devastated at the death of his best friends. Peter saw there was no way for him to escape, and so cut off one of his fingers and pretended to blow himself up (but really just changed into his rat animagus form), framing Sirius. This explosion is what killed the 13 people, and Peter Pettigrew's framing was what caused sirius to be blamed and set to azkaban._______________________________________________________________________If you read the books, which have way more details, you would know, but he did not kill them.

Who played Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies?

Sirius Black was James Potter's friend and Harry Potter's godfather.He was the only member of the Black family to be placed in a house that wasn't Gryffindor. His parents disowned him when he was sixteen and he went to live with James Potter.He was originally named Lily and James' secret keeper but persuaded them to change to Peter Pettigrew at the last moment as he believed himself to be the obvious choice, however they neglected to tell Albus Dumbledore which is why Sirius was imprisoned after Peter Pettigrew betrayed them. He was also believed to have killed thirteen muggles along with Peter but it was actually Peter who blew up the street and faked his own death.Sirius escaped from Azkaban in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and was the first person who ever managed to do so. Nobody knew how he managed it until Harry learned that he was an unregistered Animagus which allowed him to slip through the bars and swim to shore in the form of a dog.When he escaped it was believed that he was trying to kill Harry Potter but he was attempting to protect him from Peter who he had seen on Ron Weasley's shoulder in a picture. Sirius, aided by Remus Lupin, explains the truth to Harry and forces Peter out of hiding. However they are caught and Harry and Hermione are forced to go back in time to save him from the dementors kiss.When Lord Voldemort rose to power he offered his family house as Headquarters because it was heavily guarded. He became frustrated at never having his name cleared and not being allowed to leave the house. Lord Voldemort used Sirius to lure Harry to the ministry, Sirius along with others than came to help which resulted in his death.He was killed by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the Department of Mysteries in 1995. His name was cleared after this. His death marked the end of the Black family as all other descendants were females.

What role did Erin Darke play in harry potter?

She wasn't in Harry Potter, she was in Kill Your Darlings.

Why did Sirius Black want to kill Harry Potter?

James did not hate severus snape. James only want to pick on Snape. Snape liked lily Evans also known as Lily potter Well yes mostly because of Lily. Becaus James loved Lily but so did Snape. SO that just makes them hate each other. I hope your welcome. I loved your answer ^^ Plus1: Snape kept spying on them, because he wanted to know Lupin's secret. Plus2: According to Sirius, Snape adored Dark Magic, James hated it. Well what he did (tormented Snape with Sectumsepra and Levicorpus), could be very easily describe as Dark. And he was a rotten bully as a boy, cursed random children just for fun (also according to Sirius))

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Kill someone on order of the Phoenix?

Sirius Black was killed in Harry Potter in the Order of the Phoenix.

What is the type of conflict in Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkban?

The ultimate conflict in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban is the search to catch Sirius Black, a convict who has escaped from Azkaban, to protect Harry from him, and for Harry to come to terms with Black's supposed role in his own parents' death. However, an additional conflict arises when Harry discovers Sirius Black is innocent.

Did Voldemort kill Harry's parents or Sirius Black?

Voldemort did kill James and Lily Potter, but it was Bellatrix who killed Sirius Black.

What is the problem in the third book Harry Potter?

The problem in the third Harry Potter book, the Prisoner of Azkaban (spelling?) is that supposed murderer Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban. He was said to have murdered Harry Potter's parents and several muggles. There are more problems, such as Remus Lupin's lycanthropy, but the major problem would be that people think Sirius Black is back to kill Harry Potter.

Why is Sirius black after harry?

Sirius Black is after Harry because he is Harry's godfather. Sirius's best friend was Harry's father. Sirius is also an animagus which means he can change into a certain animal. He was the big black dog that Harry saw in the beginning.Answer: Spoiler warning! You better read the book, or see the movie, to get the full story. Now comes the spoiler (so better don't read on...) At the beginning of the book, it looks as if Sirius wanted to kill Harry Potter. Near the end of the story, it becomes clear that Harry's parents were betrayed, not by Sirius, but by Peter Pettigrew - Ron's rat, "Scabbers" (an animagus). Also, that Sirius was after Peter Pettigrew. When Sirius saw Scabbers on a photograph, he recognized him, and said "I'll kill him" - and everybody assumed he meant Harry Potter, who was also on the phoograph.

What is the main idea of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Basically, Sirius Black escaped Azkaban and was "coming to kill Harry." Harry tries to kill him because he betrayed his parents and is Harry's godfather. But it is a whole misunderstanding! I won't spoil.

Why does Sirius Black's cousin kill him in Harry Potter?

Sirius Black was murdered by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, because she is the crazy, murderous type. He wasn't on Voldemort's side and Bellatrix was one of Voldemort's loyal servants.

What is Sirius's last name in Harry Potter?

The actor who played Sirius was Gary Oldman. Sirius in the books, was Harry's godfather. Comming from a long line of Slytherins, Sirius was actually put into Gryffindor. He quickly made friends with James Potter, Peter Pettegrew, Remus Lupin and various other people. It was at Hogwarts where Sirius learned how to transform into a black dog to keep Lupin company when he changed into a Werewolf. Sirius was never officially recognised in the wizarding world as an Animagus. When Hogwarts ended for the friends, Sirius Black became Harry Potter's Godfather. After Peter Pettegrew gave the Potters away to Lord Voldemort, Sirius went after him and tried to kill him. His attempts to do so landed Sirius in Azkaban Prison. Sirius escaped in the third book by transforming into the black dog. He went to find Harry, and in that book, the two form a closer bond. It is in later books where we see more to Sirius. We find that he has a home in Grimuald Place and has a pure-blood background. The Black family is very important to the plot of the series. Harry learns many things from his Godfather, and it is perhaps his death in the 5th book that spurrs Harry into action against Voldemort.

Did sirus black kill harry potters parents in Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkban?

No. Sirius Black was one of James Potter's best friends. Upon discovering that Voldemort was hunting them, the Potters' went into hiding, naming Sirius as their Secret Keeper, meaning he was the only one to know where they were. At the last moment, Sirius switches from this role with Peter Pettigrew, whom he believed they could trust. Pettigrew betrays the Potters' to Voldemort which results in Voldemort's murdering them, and pins it on Sirius.

Who took baby harry in home and away?

Harry Potter was taken away after Voldemort had tried to kill him by Hagrid to Dumbledor and the Dursleys. Sirius Black was the one whom lent Hagrid the flying motor bike.

Was Sirius Black a bully?

You could say that when he was at a young age, Sirius and James where two friends much like harry and Ron. They both had friends and enemys. I wouldn't say that Sirius was a bully. Yes, Sirius Black and James Potter were like Draco Malfoy, they attacked people just for fun.

Why did Sirius tell Lupin to kill Harry and his friends?

JK was originally going to kill Arthur Weasley, but she could not bear to kill him, so Sirius dies instead. She was reduced to tears writing his death scene.