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It's hard to say, but in the 4th movie, there was a water safety lesson scene, and after she came out of the water, you could see through her shirt!

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Q: Did Sgt. Callahan in the Police Academy movies go braless?
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Who was Callahan in Police Academy movies?

Sgt. Callahan is played by Leslie Easterbrook.

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Callahan was very aggressive as well as sexual, and she "liked" George Martin and Tomoko Nogata enough to make them happy.

Why did Copeland and Blankes in the first Police Academy movies get crew cuts?

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Yes he was!

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Carey MahoneyThe main character, Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), was a repeat offender who was forced to join the police academy as punishment.

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The Blue Oyster BarThe Blue Oyster Bar is a fictional bar, and the setting of a recurring gag-scene of the comedy film series Police Academy.

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The word police is a common noun, a word for any police.A common noun can become a proper noun if it is used for the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title, such as the New York City Police Department or the movies 'Police Academy' and 'Police Academy 2'.

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Good question! Maybe it was for men only!

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Man of 10,000 Sound Effects

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I think its Michael Winslow. He starred in the Police Academy movies way back in the day.