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No, she was the last of her family line when she died in 1985.

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Q: Did Selma Diamond of Night Court have any children?
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Selma Diamond was cast at the bailiff on this show When she died she was replaced by Florence Hallop who also died What show features jinxed bailiffs?

Night Court

Ohh-kay was the catch phrase for the Night Court bailiff Selma Hacker?

No, the catch phrase for Selma Hacker, the bailiff on Night Court, was actually "Excuse me!".

When was Selma Diamond born?

Selma Diamond was born on August 5, 1920, in Montral, Qubec, Canada.

When did Selma Diamond die?

Selma Diamond died on May 13, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, USA of lung cancer.

Is Selma Diamond related to Neil Diamond?

no Neil Diamond is not related to Selma Diamond

What season of night court includes an episode where selma and another cast member try to guess the gender of people as they enter the restroom area and exchange betting money back and forth?

It is the Night Court's Season 1 > Episode 11. Title: Harry and the Rock Star-Fans and reporters disrupt court proceedings when Harry dates a rock star, and tries to cope with a new court clerk. While the court building is over packed with fans Paula Kelly and Selma Diamond stand outside the restrooms taking bets on the genders of people using them. I real classic of taking something overwhelming and turning it into fun.

How many children does Selma Blair have?

Selma Blair has 1 child

Does Selma Blair have children?

Yes, Selma Blair has 1 kids

Where is the Selma Branch Library in Selma located?

The address of the Selma Branch Library is: 2200 Selma St., Selma, 93662 3151

What movie and television projects has Selma Diamond been in?

Selma Diamond has: Played Mrs. Yoast (1977) in "The Edge of Night" in 1956. Played herself in "Tonight Starring Jack Paar" in 1957. Played herself in "The Mike Douglas Show" in 1961. Played herself in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962. Played American Scene Magazine Reporter in "Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine" in 1962. Played Herself - Guest in "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1962. Performed in "The Jetsons" in 1962. Played herself in "The Match Game" in 1962. Played herself in "The Merv Griffin Show" in 1962. Played herself in "Girl Talk" in 1962. Played herself in "Get the Message" in 1964. Played herself in "The David Frost Show" in 1969. Played Selma in "Arnie" in 1970. Played Mrs. Vogel in "Magic Carpet" in 1972. Played Woman in beauty salon in "Flying High" in 1978. Played Martha in "Trapper John, M.D." in 1979. Played Mildred Rafkin in "Too Close for Comfort" in 1980. Played Selma in "9 to 5" in 1982. Played Lil in "My Favorite Year" in 1982. Played Aunt Jeanette in "The Other Woman" in 1983. Played Harriet Singer, M.D. in "Lovesick" in 1983. Played Selma Hacker in "Night Court" in 1984. Played Margo in "All of Me" in 1984. Played Bailiff Selma Hacker in "Night Court" in 1984. Played herself in "Joan Rivers and Friends Salute Heidi Abromowitz" in 1985. Played herself in "TV Tales" in 2002.

What is the birth name of Selma Archerd?

Selma Archerd's birth name is Selma Fenning.

What has the author Selma Stern written?

Selma Stern has written: 'The Court Jew - A Contribution To The History Of The Period Of Absolutism In Central Europe' 'Der preussische Staat und die Juden' -- subject(s): Jews, History