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Yes, Roberto Lupetti was married (I don't know how long the marriage lasted, but I do know he was divorced before he died). His wife is also an artist, known for her whimsical paintings of children., Her name is Lynn Lupetti and she had a gallery in Carmel California. Jan Shank Surprise Az

I visited Roberto Lupetti in his home in Carmel Valley, CA a little after his auto accident when he stopped painting for one year in the late 1980's. His wife (30 years younger) was living with him at the time. I was privy to hanging in his studio, seeing pics of his prior paintings and experiencing one of the last great Italian Master painters. His Carmel Valley townhouse was filled with the Italian artifacts that he painted in his still-lifes. That was amazing to experience. I recall feeling like I'd swung deep into old Italy when I walked into his home.

I still have his biz card: Roberto Lupetti Fine Art Studio on Ocean Ave. in Carmel between San Carlos & Dolores (P.O. Box 6045, Carmel, CA 93921). This is probably the gallery spoken about above. I'm sorry to hear that he was divorced before he died and I'm grateful to have spent time in his presence while he was living.

Also, of note he told me that is that he painted and gilded the ceiling of a chapel in San Jose area in the Classical Italian style. It was demolished due to road construction.

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Q: Did Roberto Lupetti Get married
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