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Yes. Named the band, and wrote the music :)

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Q: Did Rob Parissi play with the band wild cherry?
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Who were the band members in wild cherry?

Robert parissi, Bryan bassett,mark avsec, Allen wentz and Ron beitle

Which band recorded the song Play That Funky Music?

The band that recorded the song 'Play That Funky Music' was Wild Cherry. Originally the song was recorded by Robert Parissi and hit number one in 1976.

How tall is Rob Parissi of Wild Cherry?


How did the title of the song Play that Funky Music White Boy originate?

The title 'Play that Funky Music White Boy' originates from Robert Parissi and the band Wild Cherry. The drummer of the band came up with the name during a break in the band's performance.

Why do people think average white band recorded play that funky music?

the band name that comes to mind is: wild cherry

When is Wild Cherry's lead singer Rob Parissi's Birthday?

December 29th December 29th, he was born in 1950

Did david webb play guitar in play that funky music white boy by wild cherry?

I'm pretty sure he played the bass, but he was in the band when that song was recorded.

Who is the artist of play that funky music?

Wild Cherry

Did a rick wertz ever play with wild cherry?

Yes, Rick Wertz did play with Wild Cherry after they glory days. He is an awesome person and a great guitar player and singer.

Play that funkey music right?

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Who sang play that funky music white boy?

"Play That Funky Music" was originally recorded by Wild Cherry.

What 1970s hit song did the group Wild Cherry become famous for writing?

The song that made the group Wild Cherry become famous is called "Play That Funky Music." It is about a black man telling a white man to play funky music.