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Q: Did Philly Mayor Nutter appear in the movie Law Abiding Citizen?
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Yes, Danny Glover did appear in Chu Chu and the Philly Flash. The film was released in 1981.He played the role of Morgan.

What must a citizen do if subpoenaed?

The citizen must appear in court on the date given in the subpoena or be subject to contempt of court and be fined and/or jailed.

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How can collection agency get money from debtor when debtor has lived outside of USA for many years and doesn't own any assets in USA although a debtor is a USA citizen how does the law apply here?

The collection agency sues, gets a default judgment if the debtor does not appear, obtains a court order of garnishment of the US citizen's tax refund.

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One word: blogging. Just about anyone can (and many do) blog. It is often hard to winnow the grain from the chaff, but many things only appear in blogs. Nowadays with sites like YouTube and, vlogging has become really popular. YouTube has introduced CitizenTube for citizen journalism and reporters, causing many to applaud it for its foresight.

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If there was illegal entry, then no, marriage doesnt make you a legal resident. You would need to file a 130 petition along with a I-601 waiver at the U.S. embassy/consulate in HONDURAS, and you would be required to appear there. If you had legal entry, then it would be possible to get legal residency through marriage to a citizen.

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What three films did actor Thomas Mitchell appear in that were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

In 1939 he appeared in Best Picture nominees Stagecoachand Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and the Best Picture winner Gone with the Wind. Citizen Kane